Sins and Redemption

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Churches across the globe offer people a moral code to live by, and breaking that code is considered a sin by most of them. Human beings have proven they are far from perfect, and the imposition of any such code provides them with an opportunity to step outside of it. If churches were to kick out members who broke any of these codes, they would soon have no followers. There is little wonder that every church offers their members a way to be forgiven for their sins, and it is called redemption.

Forgiveness of sins takes many different forms, but confession and atonement are generally how they are handled. Occasionally, a person will commit a sin so bad they may be thrown out of a congregation and banned for life. There are times when people refuse to atone for what they have done, and this can also lead to their banishment. Most of the time, congregants manage to remain within their church and have sins forgiven.